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February 25, 2021

Listen to what's "tonging"!
Our 2nd TongLoader is here.

Listen to what's "tonging"!
Our 2nd TongLoader is here.

The allocation of boards is an essential process step of any lumber manipulation in the sawmill. This can often lead to bottlenecks in the entire plant. The company Scantec from Feldkirchen (D) has found a solution to this problem: the high-performance feeder TongLoader. "The advantages of the TongLoader are many - starting with its high reliability and low maintenance costs. It can feed boards at a rate of up to 240 pieces/min. It doesn't matter to the high-performance feeder whether it's fresh, dry or planed boards, it's always reliably on the job," explains Stephan Lohmeyer, Managing Director of Scantec.

We at Troger Holz have been using a TongLoader since June 2020. We often had problems with the old board separator, especially with small dimensions. These were often transferred twisted to the subsequent sorting conveyor. In addition, the old board separator was very susceptible to faults. The infeed for lumber sorting became more and more a bottleneck in the line. The destacking performance could be significantly increased by the TongLoader.

"The TongLoader has brought us significantly ahead in terms of performance by reducing disruptions. The advantage of the new TongLoader compared to the old feeder is that it always guides the board. This has enabled us to minimize disruptions," explains Walter Troger, authorized signatory for Troger Holz.

As we are very satisfied with the new feeder on the destacking line, we decided to invest in another TongLoader at the existing lumber sorting line for the main product.

The rebuild was realized in 4 days (from 11 to 14.02.2021). In order for the installation to proceed so quickly, the company fitters and electricians of the Troger Holz workshop team had already started dismantling the old feeder the night before. The electrical installations were also prepared in advance by the company's own electrical specialist.

Particularly noteworthy is the perfect cooperation of the Scantec team, who worked hand-in-hand with pinpoint accuracy, and the extremely competent and cooperative workshop team from Troger Holz in every situation, which together were a major factor in the successful completion.

"Listen to who's hammering!

In the course of the installation, our plant locksmiths used the time of the production shutdown to carry out pending maintenance and optimization work on the other equipment.

At this point, we would like to express our sincere thanks and praise to our entire workshop team. During this conversion phase, they braved the freezing cold and worked almost tirelessly with enormous zeal and commitment, never losing their sense of humor and their fun (as you can also see from the photo documentation).

Tongi on the way to the factory hall

Tongi comes into the factory hall

Tongi is inspected after arrival in the factory hall

Our new Tong Loader in use

Our new Tong Loader in use

Industrial electrician Markus Erd

Industrial electrician and Workshop manager Thomas Derfeser

Industrial fitter Bernhard Krepatz and Franz Reiter

Industrial fitter Erkan Yilmaz

Industrial fitter Leo Astner

Industrial fitter Marian Staller

Industrial fitter Stefan Eberharter