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December 2021

Company anniversaries honoured

Employee anniversaries are a firm tradition with us. When employees remain loyal to a company for decades, that is something special. As the traditional Christmas party had to be cancelled again this year due to the pandemic, the Troger family thanked the company anniversaries in a small circle. Company boss KR Helmut Troger and his wife Anni thanked Erwin Sprenger (wheel loader driver sawmill) for 40 years and Bernhard Grafenhofer (sawmill employee) for 25 years of service.

"We are very proud to have employees with us who have remained loyal to us as a family business for a very long time. They all stand for reliability and cohesion even in fast-moving times," said company boss Helmut Troger, thanking the honourees. Human Resources Manager Sonja Falger humorously compared company loyalty to marriage. - Bernhard "Bany" Grafenhofer has been with the company for 25 years. "This long period compared to a marriage is equivalent to a "silver wedding anniversary" and such a long life together only works through mutual give and take and you stick together in good times and bad." - Fortunately, Bany has not cheated either and we look forward to many more years of good cooperation.

"Of trees and people ..." Erwin Sprenger vulgo "Spitzer" has already been associated with TROGER HOLZ for 4 decades. 40 years is a long time in which, looking back, the development and growth of the company can be seen and, of course, a change in social as well as professional life can be observed.

Similar to the annual rings of a tree: they reveal a lot about the life of the tree - about specific environmental conditions under which a tree has grown. Annual rings tell of good years with optimal temperatures and sufficient rainfall, but also of lean times when it was too dry, too cold or the pest infestation was high. Thus, the many years of working together are also characterised by highs and, of course, also lows that have to be overcome. We thank Erwin for his work over the past decades and wish him continued enjoyment of his work.

In his laudation, Helmut Troger also included little anecdotes from the company and the shared experiences, which gave the award and honour a very personal framework.

Im Bild vlnr.: Sonja Falger, Anni Troger, Bernhard Grafenhofer, Erwin Sprenger, KR Helmut Troger, Walter Embacher