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Fire drill
at the sawmill in Vomp

On 14.09.2021 a fire drill took place at the sawmill.

In order to prepare for an emergency, the fire brigade of Vomp regularly trains the operational procedure in various scenarios.

For such a disaster drill, the Vomp fire brigade went out on rehearsal last Tuesday with 5 vehicles and 35 emergency personnel. For the rehearsal, a rescue of persons from the roof of the sawmill was simulated with the respiratory protection equipment carriers (ATS carriers). Furthermore, the amount of water taken from the sprinkler centre via the rehearsal line was checked.

For the simulated rescue of the injured, the respiratory protection equipment carriers climbed onto the roof of the hall via ladders and had to rope up the entire equipment. The injured person ("dummy") was roped down via the stretcher and the assumed fire was fought with the high-pressure hose.

The sprinkler control centre was the second scene of the exercise. This was explained to the firefighters. All the valves (water valves) that are important for the fire brigade in case of an emergency were painted yellow. Several B hoses with jet pipes and water cannons were connected to the trial line to check the amount of water. According to the display in the sprinkler control centre, 8 m3/min of water was taken at a constant pressure of 5 bar. Conclusion: Water without end! Finally, the sprinkler control centre was also shown and explained to the ATS personnel.

After the exercise briefing by commander HBI Andreas Kröll, company boss KR Helmut Troger also thanked the firefighters for their commitment and brought the successful rehearsal to a pleasant close with an invitation to dinner at the Pelikan inn.

Am Dach


Bei Den Fahrzeugen

Beim Loschen

Einsatz Am Dach

Helmut Troger Bedankt Sich

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